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New video: Such a Good Boy

TAXIM - Such a Good Boy

11/02/2015 | So after one and a half years, TAXIM is finally back. Not only with a new video, but also with a somewhat new sound. Check it out: Click! "Such a Good Boy" is taken from the forthcoming Album "Dreiklang", which probably will be released fall 2016. Yes, there may be a neat little single to shorten the wait, so stay tuned.

New album in the making: Dreiklang

TAXIM - Dreiklang

10/13/2015 | Last year, Sideline Magazine wrote on TAXIM: "Alex is a rather surprising musician. Every new album seems to be like the exploration of new influences and the exorcism of another musical idea.". Yes, it's very important to me that a new TAXIM album actually IS new, and this time it took me quite a while to come up with a new concept. Anyway, so I started working on "Dreiklang", an album that will mainly show my harsh side again. The video to the first song "Such a Good Boy" will be released within the next couple of weeks, so check back soon.

Goodbye, Facebook

TAXIM on Facebook

10/12/2015 | "Unfortunately", I'll have to abandon TAXIM's Facebook page. Not only Mr. Zuckerberg wants me to use my real name, but also wants me to upload a scan of my ID card. My ass! Make sure you have this page bookmarked as it's going to be the main source for all the latest on TAXIM.

TAXIM is a Knight of the Bytes now

Knights of Bytes

04/24/2015 | While making a massive soundtrack for the latest game by indie game developers Knights of Bytes, it turned out I'd fit their order pretty well. Read the full news here. So that's what I was doing during the last few months and yes, I plan on focussing more on game music in future. No worries, though -- I will make new tracks for TAXIM as well. Expect a new (and cool) album in 2016.

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It seems you've just stumbled upon the official homepage of TAXIM. A place where music is different.

TAXIM is a dark electro and experimental project from Essen, Germany. It was founded in 1996. From the very beginning, we've mainly released instrumental music, because ordinary song structures usually bore us. TAXIM has five official releases. All in all, we released nine albums, three EPs and five singles - with no end in sight. For more info read the bio.

Latest release:

Full Of Empty (Album, 2014)
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Latest video:

Such a Good Boy (Dreiklang)
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