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CSDD Front

11/03/2014 | So here it is: the front cover of the next Taxim album. It will be entitled "Chaotisches Sammelsurium diverser Defeke" (chaotic mishmash of sundry defects) and I dare say it's one of the catchiest album titles to date. The potential opening track will be called "Ich bin defekt" (I am defect), so expect no less than 100% Taxim. There'll be more harsh songs again, like the guitar heavy dark electro track "Mitsicku", which is a cover of one of my latest Commodore 64 tunes. I won't forget about the melodic part, though. If you liked the last two albums, you'll most probably like CSDD, too. Anyway, please remember: the more records I sell, the earlier you will get this new album (I don't have any music equipment at the moment). If you're able to support Taxim, by any means, do it. There're several Taxim releases available on Bandcamp. Thank you!

Dark Spy/Orkus compilation & reviews


12/09/2014 | "Full Of Empty" was reviewed in issue 60 of Dark Spy Magazine. If you want to know what the guys had to say about it, go here (German language only, sorry). The magazine's CD features "Erinnerungen an Morgen" and "Computer Depression", while the november issue of Orkus Magazine features "Keine Angst". Taxim will appear on more compilations very soon.

New interview & reviews

FOE Front

08/13/2014 | Robin Wilke of Cryptic Trails magazine recently interviewed Alex. It's an XL interview about "Full Of Empty", retro gaming and more. Read it here (and be amazed by the German language). Furthermore The Black Gift Kulturmagazin published a nice review on FoE. An English review comes from Sideline Magazine. Thanks, guys!

New bundles & reviews

Taxim Bundles

07/10/2014 | XenoBiotic Records recently released 2 new bundles: "Full Of Empty & Monitoring" for €15 and "Metarail & Psychologenfutter" for €7. Also, the first review for "Full Of Empty" has been published. Dark Entries says 8 out of 10, we say thanks! There's only a German translation of it but there should be a couple of English reviews soon.

What the hell is this?


It seems you've just stumbled upon the official homepage of TAXIM. A place where music is different.

TAXIM is a dark electro and experimental project from Essen, Germany. It was founded in 1996. From the very beginning, we've mainly released instrumental music, because ordinary song structures usually bore us. TAXIM has five official releases. All in all, we released nine albums, three EPs and five singles - with no end in sight. For more info read the bio.

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Full Of Empty (Album, 2014)
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Keine Angst (Full Of Empty)
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